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Metalcoat has won the tender for the acquisition, issued by the Court of Milan, of the business unit and related production lines of Plalam in Ascoli Piceno, in the Campolungo industrial area.

The company, which has been in operation for more than 50 years, represents one of the leading manufacturers in the global coil-coating scene. The plant covers an area of 110,000 m² (of which 60,000 m² is covered), with two production lines for electro-galvanising and painting.

With a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes/year for aluminium and 120,000 tonnes/year for steel, the new Metalcoat site is preparing to become Europe’s third largest player in coil-coating.

The range of pre-painted coils manufactured at the Ascoli Piceno plant can be up to 1,500 mm wide, with thicknesses from 0.25 to 3 mm. The colours used are made from eco-friendly materials, thus guaranteeing a durable and environmentally friendly product.

The workers currently employed at the plant will all become part of Metalcoat, under the control of Leone Holding, the holding company of the Trombetta Cappellani family.

Only four months ago, Metalcoat was transformed into a S.p.A., a natural evolution of the important results achieved in recent years, as well as a strategic step in the strengthening and development plan that the company is pursuing.

The company will maintain its headquarters – with administrative, financial and commercial offices – in Bergamo, while adding this production pole in Ascoli Piceno.

“This is a historic turning point for Metalcoat,” comments Matteo Trombetta Cappellani, President and CEO of the company, as well as of Alusteel Coating, Alpine Anodizing and Aleu. “From today, the company is positioned as the third production player at European level in coil-coating, entering the international markets as a protagonist and decisively enriching the offer of our group.”

“The aim is to repeat the experience started in 2015 with the acquisition of the Alusteel Coating industrial site, which in eight years has been completely restructured and revamped, with a constantly growing turnover,” Trombetta Cappellani continues. ‘Here we have put to good use one of the cornerstones of our business model: a strong commitment to corporate sustainability. The assessment of the potential environmental impact of the group’s activities; the monitoring of the water resources used; the recycling and sustainable management of any hazardous substances; and the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the industrial plants, with the aim of producing renewable energy, reducing emissions and optimising internal consumption, as demonstrated by the 30% drop in energy used thanks to the photovoltaic system employed, all go in this direction.”

“In the case of Ascoli Piceno, we foresee a total investment of EUR 10/12 million over three years,” Trombetta Cappellani concludes. “For us, attachment and support to the territory represent a cornerstone of our way of doing business. This is why we are certain that our operation will give further lustre to the industrial context of Ascoli Piceno, which in 2022 recorded the best employment growth of all the provinces in the Marche region, rising from 59.6% in 2021 to 65.1% last year.”

The entire operation was followed by Studio BonelliErede of Milan – for the M&A, administrative law and labour law branch – and by the Chartered Accountancy Firm of Dr. Andrea Onorato Cattaneo of Bergamo.

The acquisition contract was signed this morning in the presence of the notary Dr. Jean-Pierre Farhat at the Farhat & Divizia Notai Associati firm in Bergamo.


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