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2022 has been a successful year for Alusteel Coating, Metalcoat and Aleu.

Aggregate sales reach 55 million euros: a +27% growth over 2021. Produced volumes are +18%, with 15,000 tons of prepainted aluminum.

This result was achieved thanks to the optimization and improvement of planning process and raw material procurement, but also to the choices made during the year, aimed at strengthening the companies’ positioning.

Matteo Trombetta Cappellani, Chairman and CEO of the three companies, explains: “The result goes beyond budget expectations, which we had set at 51 million euros for this year. I owe the achievement of this milestone above all to the commitment of all employees, who share with me goals and passion for quality. Over the past year we have acted with the aim of expanding our presence in the European market by entering into a partnership with AluFrance Services, a French company specializing in the production of prepainted aluminum strips and raw, anodized or prepainted profiles, with which we share growth objectives and values. Our visibility in international markets has also grown thanks to our entry into ECCA – European Coil Coating Association, the prestigious international association that brings together more than 100 companies operating in the metal prepainting sector, committed to promoting the use of this material as an environmentally friendly, sustainable and high-quality finishing method. Not only that: to affirm our image and strengthen the link between Alusteel Coating, Metalcoat and Aleu, we started a branding evolution project, unifying the companies’ brands with the graphic sign of the hummingbird. This element was chosen because it is a symbol of industriousness and lightness, a perfect example of know-how, high technology, dedication to excellence, and attention to the customer that are the typical expression of the most authentic ‘Made in Italy’ attitude, a value we intend to promote and represent in Europe. In 2023 we will continue to develop new markets and business areas, through which we expect to increase our turnover by an additional 20% points. Finally, having recently installed on the roof of the Alusteel Coating plant in Somaglia (Lodi) a photovoltaic system of about 5,000 square meters that allows us to reduce annual energy consumption by about 25%, we intend to continue researching innovations that allow us to reduce our environmental impact, an issue that is very important to us.”


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