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Sustainability is one of the characteristics inherent in the products of the Alusteel Coating, Alpine Anodizing, Metalcoat and Aleu group: aluminum and steel are recyclable materials par excellence, capable of saving 95% of the energy needed to produce new material.

However, environmental protection in our companies takes the form of promoting virtuous behavior at all levels.
For this reason, our plant in Somaglia (Lodi) has been equipped with two charging stations for electric vehicles, available to guests and visitors.

An operation that is in line with the growing trend of the transport sector.
In 2022, 10,748 charging points for public use were installed, thus bringing the total to around 37,000 points throughout the country, with a growth of 41% compared to the previous year: an acceleration that testifies to the commitment of the entire sector for a transition to electric mobility.

Contributing concretely to environmental protection is one of the key points of our mission and we demonstrate it every day!


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